The Crown Shammy Packaging

I was tasked with designing the packaging for Crown's Shammy hockey stick grip. I needed to explore the possibilities for packaging the grips and decide if they would be made by us or someone else.

The main considerations were cost, sustainability and display. The cost turned out to be a pretty big driver for design decisions because this packaging would be produced in relatively low volumes (<300 units) and this drove the price up when getting quotes from companies.

I created 3D printed templates to be able to iterate designs quickly without having to constantly get samples from the packaging companies and searched around for options of manufacturers and potential processes including die cutting.

The processes tended to be done on area of cut not number of units produced which meant in order to keep the price per unit down, I had to focus on smaller designs enabling more of them on a single sheet.


Unfortunately I was not able to fully see this project through to purchase and rollout because of time constraints and the impact of also working on the Crown Shinpad at the same time. I gained valuable insights from the process including sourcing suppliers: setting clear deadlines and expectations to avoid delays and problem solving with cost as a constraint.

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